Please join the debate!

The main reason I started this blog was to facilitate discussions with the people I have met on Twitter and elsewhere.  I wanted to explore subjects without the limitations of 140 characters.

Throughout the holidays I have been trying to think of a subject worthy of our first great debate.  Then,  early on New Year’s Eve I was asked the following question by a less than friendly Trump supporter:

“As a Liberal, just what the hell do you believe in anyway?”

There it was the perfect question to launch a lively discussion!  The benefit of answering this question now is that it will serve as a reference for all of us, throughout the year, as we RESIST the agenda of the Putin/Trump administration.

Your participation is essential

For this to work, I need thoughtful individuals, just like you, to do three simple things please:

  1. Read the content below, (Liberals, what we believe), & the comments/feedback left by others.
  2. Provide your own thoughts and feedback.
  3. Repeat 1 & 2 until we feel we have collectively answered the question above.

I will update this post as comments come in, at least once per day during the week.  So visit often and stay involved in the conversation by leaving additional comments.  To be alerted of changes to a post and to preview new posts, you can follow my blog.  You’ll find a blue button on the top right of the home page or any post.  All you need is an email address.

Don’t feel as though you must agree with anything presented here.  Respectful and civil debate is good for all of us.  To get things started, I’ve made a list of thoughts and ideas that I feel are both Liberal in nature and very important.  Please provide your feedback at the bottom of this post!

Liberals, what we believe

We believe strongly in truth, logic, freedom, liberty, and morality (doing the right things for the right reasons).  Here is a partial list of our beliefs, in no particular order:

  • Healthcare is a right, not a privilege.
  • A society that accepts the existence of a sick, hungry, or fearful child, is not worthy of being called great.
  • Enough for all takes priority over more for a select few.
  • A living wage is better for all people and the government.
  • When we lift up the poor, we lift up ourselves and our society.
  • Crime can be proactively reduced through education and effective policing.
  • Social Security and Medicare should remain public, but managed better.
  • Our educational system should be world-class, and everyone should have access to it.
  • Our economy must be fair for all, regardless of a person’s economic status.
  • Our judicial system must be fair for all, regardless of a person’s economic status.
  • LGBTQ individuals are as normal as anyone else.
  • Climate Change is a real and present danger that we must confront.
  • We must protect our environment from those who would destroy it for profits.
  • The only exception to liberty and freedom is that of others and the greater good.
  • Legal Immigration strengthens our nation, but illegal Immigration hurts our people and our nation.
  • Separation of Church and State is critical in assuring liberty and freedom for all.
  • The Freedom of Religion also means the Freedom from Religion in all things.
  • War should be the last best option.
  • The Constitution was designed as a living document, to be changed as the people see fit.
  • People are people but corporations are not.
  • Money corrupts people, therefore politics. Fair public funding of political races is a must.
  • The needs of our nation and its people must be the government’s primary concern.
  • Collective bargaining is a right, so long as it is free of corruption.

As suggestions come in I will group beliefs in appropriate categories. For now, let’s just get them all captured!


Now, it’s your turn! 

Help drive the discussion by leaving a comment below!  Check back in a day or two to see my response to your comments and any updates to the post!

Thank you, your participation is greatly appreciated!