On July 2, 2017, in a tweet, “President” Trump portrayed himself physically attacking a personification of CNN.  While this may be dismissed as humor by some, there’s nothing funny about it.  This was but the latest salvo in Trump’s ongoing attacks intended to discredit the MSM and erode support for the 1st Amendment.  The tweet was clearly intended to incite hate and violence, actions that clearly go well beyond “Unpresidential.”

It’s Not about Politics

What Trump has come to represent is clearly not about politics, party, or divisions, (at least not anymore).  It’s about right and wrong, and yes . . . it’s about good vs. evil.  A good person can’t responsibly look at the totality of what Donald J. Trump represents and still truly believe that he’s going to “Make America Great Again.”  They would be forced to dismiss racism, misogyny, bigotry, and any number of other biases.  His supporters, (in and out of elected office), can only dismiss these distasteful traits and behaviors if they have their own nasty biases, agendas, and/or have flawed moral core.

Therefore, I am forced to conclude that Trump is an evil person with evil intent, and those who still support him are knowingly supporting evil.  I do leave room for a few painfully uniformed people to support Trump.  But, given the constant onslaught of information, they would have to be living under an entire pile of rocks.

Look, I don’t throw around the word “Evil” often or lightly.  But what else can you call perpetual bad behavior that is intended to harm others and/or to gain or retain power for nefarious reasons?  That is, by definition, evil.

Blurring the Lines between Truth and Rhetoric

Back in February Bret Stephens of the Wall Street Journal delivered the Daniel Pearl Lecture at the University of California, Los Angeles. You can read the full text of his lecture here.  In his enlightened presentation Bret gave the following example of a discussion between Bill O’Reilly and Donald Trump:

O’Reilly asks:

Is there any validity to the criticism of you that you say things that you can’t back up factually, and as the President you say there are three million illegal aliens who voted and you don’t have the data to back that up, some people are going to say that it’s irresponsible for the President to say that.

To which the president replies:

Many people have come out and said I’m right.

Bret, (correctly in my opinion) presents this as proof of a likely agenda, not ignorance. He suggested the following:

“I think it’s important not to dismiss the president’s reply simply as dumb. We ought to assume that it’s darkly brilliant — if not in intention then certainly in effect. The president is responding to a claim of fact not by denying the fact, but by denying the claim that facts are supposed to have on an argument.”

We have all heard him say things like: “Everyone thinks I’m right,” or “People are telling me all the time the MSM are liars.”  The consistency in which he does this indicates that it isn’t dumb arrogance run-a-muck. It’s a purposeful attempt to blur the line between truth and rhetoric to further his agenda.

If Not Evil – What Then?

Ok, but is all this “evil?” Trump has disparaged Women, Immigrants, POWs, Religions, Disabled Individuals, our Judicial System, and Gold Star Families while embracing David Duke and Vladimir Putin and others of questionable character.  I believe he has colluded with a foreign power to win the Presidency and is currently profiting financially from that position.  I believe he would start a war and send our children to die to cover-up his corrupt activities. If this, (along with all the horrible behaviors I didn’t list), isn’t evil . . . please tell me what is.  Listen to these powerful and passionate words from Ana Navarro.

Evil is a powerful word, but it’s an immensely more powerful force.  If we don’t understand what we are up against, we are destined to be defeated by it.

Does it matter what we call it?

Absolutely!  We are not in the midst of a political disagreement that the next election will settle. We are in a fight against evil for the very survival of our nation as we know it.  There needs to be a heightened sense of urgency to address this NOW!  Russia didn’t choose this time to attack us by accident.  They are hiding amidst, (and taking full advantage of), our deepest political differences, but it’s more than that now.  They and Trump have exposed and empowered the hate that has been boiling just beneath the surface of our society since the Civil War.  These feelings, inflamed by the election and success of our nation’s first Black President, were ripe for exploitation.  We must understand that this is just beginning. Experts have already said that Russia will absolutely try and impact future elections.  We can’t allow this to become our “New Normal.”

What must we do?

Call your Representative and your Senator daily.  Yes, every single day!  Let them know the following:

  • Trump clearly has evil intent and that he represents a clear and present danger to our nation.
  • Demand that they speak up and stand up against Trump’s harmful plans, rhetoric, & behaviors.
  • Supporting Trump in any fashion will result in the loss of your support for them, forever.
  • You will hold them personally responsible for everything that he does.
  • You can find your State’s Senators and Representatives contact information here.

Use Social Media Effectively.

  • Do not engage Trump Trolls. By doing so you encourage and motivate them.
  • If you ignore and block them, you frustrate them and render them ineffective.
  • Grow your network and spread information in support of the Resistance.
  • Present yourself with honor. We can’t defeat hate with hate.  Ignore & Block, but don’t hate.

Demonstrate and Educate

  • Plan, Attend, and/or Sponsor demonstrations by whatever means you have available to you.
  • Do so responsibly. Demonstrations are not riots and a riot is not a demonstration, it’s a crime.
  • Educate those around you. Make your feelings known to others around in a non-threatening way. Friends and family need to know your true feelings and we need their support.

It’s time we stopped acting as though this is just another political bump in the road.  Trump represents a very real threat to all the things we hold dear.  Stand and fight (peacefully and responsibly) for what’s Right!