An Open Letter to ABC, CBS, NBC, and CNN

July 4, 2017

I come to you on this special day as a proud American and as a US Navy Veteran.  I do so with immense respect for the role in our society of a Free and Independent Press.  I ask that you consider the following:

Please . . .

  1. Remember that your primary goal is to educate and inform, not to entertain.
  2. Distinguish between News and Opinion, making sure both are fact based.
  3. Demand the truth from yourselves and those that appear on your programs.
  4. Provide retractions/corrections when you/guests lie or make honest mistakes.
  5. Proclaim your return to ethics and protect your credibility at all cost.

Finally – If you continue to bring individuals on your programs that you know will lie, you will continue to be distrusted and called “Fake News.”

Proud Navy Veteran