Ok, we are 6 months into Trump’s Presidency and we know two things for certain:

  1. Trump is no better at being President than he is at being human.
  2. Democrats still do not have a plan, a message, or a clear leader.


First, let’s dispense of the Elephant in the room.  Have there been outside forces impacting Dem’s ability to win key races?  Do these include GOP lies, Russia Meddling, Gerrymandering, and several others?  Sure, but Dem’s biggest issue remains internal to the Party, and it’s not new.  That issue is Trust.  Over time, and for various reason, Dem’s have lost base support, especially in rural America.  Here are just a few of the issues contributing to that Trust Deficit.

  1. Unethical behavior by some Party Members.
  2. Failure to adequately answer baseless GOP Charges and Accusations.
  3. Failing to listen to, and address the concerns of, Working Class Americans.
  4. Assuming Americans understood legislative priorities when they did not.
  5. Leadership using tactics seen by some Americans as questionable.

How Does The Democratic Party Rebuild Trust?

  1. Lead with Integrity: Partisan extremes aside, the vast majority of Americans are starving for truth and ethics.  Dems should reaffirm their commitment to principled politics and present a clear alternative to what the GOP has become.  When mistakes are made, admit them openly.  When those mistakes should result in disciplinary actions, appropriate and timely actions must be taken.  In order to earn the trust of the American People Dems must become and remain worthy of it.
  2. Get Organized: Dems must establish a seamless organization that moves effectively between being in and out of control of the White House.  DNC leadership positions should be prominent and used as training and development for leadership roles within the Party Headquarter and the White House.
  3. Communicate Effectively: A key part of that Effective Organization is an effective communications strategy.  Even when not in the White House, Dems should have a ComSec offering daily televised briefings to comment on the news of the day, to answer GOP charges, and to update Americans on Dem priorities.  Just think of the opportunity we have now to contrast the Trump White House’s ongoing attack on the public’s right to know!
  4. Plans that Focus on the Basics: Prioritize and focus on the issues creating the most worry among the majority of Americans.  Prepare and present those plans and update Americans during daily press briefings.  It sounds simple because it is.

The Basics – What Most Americans Want:

  1. Freedoms and Civil Liberties – Equally for all without exception
  2. Safety and Security – A safe place to live and raise a family without fear or hazard
  3. Good Health – Access to good healthcare at an affordable price
  4. Jobs – The opportunity to work and provide for themselves and their families
  5. Education – Access to good schools regardless of who they are or where they live
  6. A Safety Net – Protection against unforeseen events or conditions that precludes any of the prior described Basics, with logical and realistic restrictions and limitations

When the Basics are not being provided effectively, Dems must react responsibly and aggressively.  Examples:  When a city like Chicago is being besieged by violence, we must call on all levels of government to address the problem immediately, and see that it happens.  We should establish best practices with the help of successful police organizations and restore lasting peace.  When a city like Flint Michigan has unsafe drinking water we must set politics aside and treat it like the health emergency that it is.  As we do these things we must control the narrative and educate the public on what is being done and why.  Anytime we allow the debate to focus on issues unrelated to these life Basics, we will lose the trust of the American people, especially those hurting the most.

We will not Defeat the GOP by being like them!

Angry GOP

The best way to defeat the GOP and their growing fascism is to differentiate ourselves from them.  We will never defeat hate with hate or lies with lies.  The more we act like them the more we validate their agenda.  Their most loyal followers care nothing about truth or ethics.  That isn’t true of Liberals, Progressives and most other sane Americans.

We Must Confront the False Narrative!

That does not mean set quietly by as others spew lies, false narratives, and misleading rhetoric. It just means we organize and plan better, attacking issues from the high ground by speaking the truth.  The best example of how someone should respond to such issues, that I can think of, is California’s Rep. Adam Schiff.  Rep. Schiff addressing issues with a calming passion and the truth.  He is the model for how Dems should conduct business, in my opinion.

We must resist and protest as often as is prudent.  But, our protests must remain peaceful at all times.  When protests turn into riots they win and America loses.

If Dems are clearly the Best Choice, they will be the only Choice!

For our Party to become the consistent choice of the American People, we must become and remain the BEST CHOICE for the RIGHT REASONS.  We must also be organized and disciplined enough to survive the impending decline and implosion of the GOP.  It’s not a matter of if, but a matter of when.  Their hate based agenda will die alongside their aging, white, male leadership.  It would be easy to allow our Party to decline in the face of waning competition, so we must anticipate, plan, and prepare to avoid that at all costs.

The worst of times offers the best of opportunities to those willing to work for them.  Never in our history has there been a better time for Dems to differentiate themselves from the GOP!  We must ACT DECISIVELY and ACT NOW!

Let’s be the Party of Choice, the Party of Inclusion, the Party of Freedoms – Let’s be the Party of the Future!  Let’s Get Busy!