His Speech in Phoenix last night further clarified Trump’s intentions. Feeling the heat from the Mueller Investigation, he is using these rallies, at taxpayer/donor expense, to prepare for & promote his life after the presidency. His recently deployment of ‘Real News’ hosted by Kayleigh McEnany, his bromance with Sean Hannity, and his adoration for Fox & Friends, are all strong indication of his future plans.

Trump wants to monetize his base and create a media empire that will rival @FoxNews. He hopes to make their distorted & misreported ‘news’ look saintly by comparison, while attracting their top ‘talent’ and market share.

With Pence provided pardons secured for Trump and family, he proceeds to cash in on the presidency. He drains taxpayer dollars instead of the swamp, as he plays golf and the role of the evil president. In the interim, the damage to our nation and it’s standing in the world is immeasurable. But, with all the talk of collusion, chaos, corruption, bigotry, racism, and virtually every form of hate you can imagine . . . Thankfully, there have been no major email issues to contend with. Thank God for that!